Are You Missing Something? Learn All You Need To Know About Web Designing Here

Your website is the window that opens your business to the world. If you need to make your business known to the world, then the best thing to do is to design a website. If the design is done properly, it is a question of time before your business gets known to the world and you will get more patronage like never before.

The world is lived online today. Many more people come online for one reason or the other. In actual fact, more than 80% of those who buy things around the world first visit the internet before they go out to make their purchases. If you reside in Tampa, Florida, you can choose any of the web design tampa service providers to help build a website for your online business.

Web design is not rocket science. It is something really simple and anyone can learn it. However, you do not need to design it by yourself if you do not have the skill or you do not have the time; you can contact any of the tampa website design service providers out there to set the ball rolling.

They will help put up a wonderful website that will transform your business like none other. You can learn about web designing in many outlets today. Gone are the days when it will take forever before you can grasp how a website can be designed. But these days, things have been simplified.

There are so many course materials that you can work with out there. Many of them will give you step by step guidance on how to design a website. They will also present video recordings of how it can be done effortlessly. Materials that do not come with video descriptions of web deigning will have pictures of how it can be done.

Just look around for such materials and set the ball rolling without delay. With the help of website design tampa service providers, you can learn better and faster how to design websites and set up an online business.

Many of the tampa bay web design outlets are ready to teach you how to design website without charging you too high. They are more interested in imparting knowledge than in making money out of you. Many of them are located in your neighborhood in Tampa, Florida and you can link up with them today if you so desire. They will give you value on every dime you spend.

Why To Use WordPress Vs The Others CMS Around?

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WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) and blogging platform in the world. It is completely free to use and also open source. That means, there’re thousands of developers all around the world working on it. This popular tool is based on PHP programming language and MySQL database management system.

WordPress was originally developed in 2003 with just a single bit of code to improve the typography of daily writing and with very few consumers. Since then it has become world’s biggest self-hosted blogging application and applied in millions of websites and seen by ten millions of users every day. According to a recent research, WordPress is being used in more than 70 millions of website that publish new posts in every second. According to Wikipedia, WordPress was applied in more than 23.3 percent of the top 10 million web-sites since January 2015.

WordPress began as just a blogging tool, but now it has become so powerful that, it can be used as fully functional content management system which means you can create any kind of websites (starting from blog to ecommerce websites) with WordPress. You can do much more with the thousands of WordPress themes, widgets and plugins,

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Why Should Use WordPress?

Easy to Use: For getting started with WordPress you do not need to have PHP or HTML coding knowledge. With WordPress, you can create your website very easily within a few minutes. All you have to do is to select a theme or a plugin and click on it to be installed. WordPress is really a great choice for newbie.

Flexible: WordPress is probably the most flexible CMS in the world. It doesn’t matter what you are using WordPress for – whether as a personal blog-site or a business website, WordPress is flexible enough to fulfill all your requirements via its massive number of features and extensions.

Community Support: To get useful support, WordPress has a larger community of users. A lot of WordPress discussion board, support forums and tutorial website are available out there where you can troubleshoot any question related to WordPress.

Highly Customizable: WordPress offers thousands of themes and plugins with which you can modify your website’s look and functionality with just one click on the install button.

SEO Optimized: The most common search engines such as Google prefer websites that are driven by WordPress simply because its framework is very easy to crawl.

Several Ecommerce Solutions: If you are applying WordPress in your business website, then you will be very happy to know that there’re numerous ecommerce solutions that will transform your website to a fully functional online store. By making use of plugins like WooCommerce, Shopp or WP eCommerce you can easily start earning money online.

 Multi-user Feature: To drive a website properly, most of the time we have to depend on multiple individuals to keep website up and running. WordPress is mindful of this and has made it simple for you to designate different tasks for different people. Here I have given the summary of these user accounts from WordPress Codex.

  • Super Admin:  an individual who has full access to the website’s network administration features and all other features.
  • Administrator: someone who can access to all the administration functions within a single website.
  • Editor: This user can only publish and edit posts (including other user’s posts).
  • Author: An author can only publish and edit his/her own posts.
  • Contributor: an individual who can write and edit his/her own posts but cannot publish them.
  • Subscriber: These types of user can only create and edit their profile.
  • How to Use WordPress (1 of 7) – Introduction

How to Use WordPress (1 of 7) – Introduction